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Meal Kits


Our Meal Kit brings new ideas and free time back in your hands, with just the right amount of ingredients needed for the recipe which comes with instructions, as well as fresh locally sourced ingredients delivered right to your door. each recipe can be done in 30 minutes or less, You would first pick a recipe from our menu that you or your family would like to try, after picking your order, you will then leave us your address and pay for the order, which would then be delivered the next day to your door, leaving time for our employees to pick up the fresh locally sourced ingredients. Our meals come in four options, from a 1 person kit to a 2 person kit, as well as a 3 and 4 person kit which we call feast meals. For any special orders or orders exceeding 4 people, you will need to reach out to us by phone or email.

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How It Works

Choose A Recipe Of Your Choice And The Amount Of People You Are Serving or subscribe for more.

We Pack The Box With The Right Amount Of Fresh Ingredients And Deliver It To your Door.

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Step Two


Step One

We have tried 3 of the meal kits so far. As a family of 4 we all loved them. The ingredients were fresh and the meals are easy to make. Recipes are easy to follow, my teenagers can make it. We tried the Greek Heaven Skewers, BBQ Rib and the Oven Tuscan Pasta. Very delicious and no leftovers, kids went back for seconds.

— Amie "Took Me Away"


Step Three

You Follow The Recipe With The Ingredients, Then Enjoy.

Quality herbs and spices, so easy to follow, very impressed with the service and enough food for my whole family. The vegetable sides were delicious as well. and perfectly cooked when we tried it. I just cooked my ribs in a small pressure oven with the sides together. We had ordered the ribs! We kept the instructions with the delicious picture on our kitchen wall to remember.

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